Serviceberry – Amelanclier alnifolia

Key Points for Identification:
  1. Deciduous shrub to small tree, 1-5 meters tall; smooth stems coloration of dark gray to reddish; forms dense colonies.
  2. Leaves are thin and round to ovate with regularly toothed edges mostly on upper half; appearing smooth but finely hairy below. Leaf blade is notched or straight at base.
  3. Flowers are white and showy with linear to oblong petals, narrowed at base, in short- leafy clusters of 3-30 at branch tip.
  4. Fruits are dark purple to nearly black, berry like pomes that are edible and sweet.
  5. Widespread and found at low to mid elevations in dry to moist forests, on open, dry, and warm slopes, in moist gullies in grasslands and on disturbed sites.
How humans can use plant: – Berries are edible picked right from bush. – Dried to be used as a raisin. -Cooked with honey as a medicinal tincture.

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